Help Wanted - MIDAS Instructors

Wanted: MIDAS Fab Lab Instructors

Help Wanted - MIDAS Instructors

Share your love of innovation, digital art, and manufacturing – Instruct in the MIDAS Fab Lab!

MIDAS is an applied research, commercialization and digital fabrication training facility in Trail, B.C. We promote skills training opportunities in digital fabrication and metallurgical technology for entrepreneurs, employees, and students. 

With over $430,000 of state-of-the-art “FAB”rication equipment for public, academic & commercial use, we provide the training and experience to enhance the talents and assets of small and medium-sized companies’ throughout the Kootenays. 

Join the MIDAS Team!

MIDAS provides the support, resources, and environment in which to not only effectively collaborate and adopt new technologies, but rapid-prototype products in preparation to go to market.

To continue to provide exceptional training and service, the MIDAS Fab Lab is in need of qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic instructors to teach a variety of disciplines:

Standard MIDAS Fab Lab Courses

MIDAS is looking for professional instructors with experience and expertise to teach standard Intro to Machinery courses in the Electronics, Metal, and Wood Labs: Laser Printing, 3D Scan and Printing, ShopBot CNC Router, and CNC Milling. 

In need of instructors to teach higher level Lab courses as well.  

Project Based Courses

MIDAS is also looking for instructors to teach Project Based Courses on our machines: electronics, programming, robotics, digital art, etc. A terrific opportunity to leverage the incredible resources of the MIDAS Fab Lab to share your passion for making with other aspiring makers!

Selkirk College Instructional Skills Workshop preferred.

For more information or to apply, please contact MIDAS at