Tinkerine Expands Education Initiative after Successful Pilot


Tinkerine is pleased to announce that as the result of a successful pilot in the British Columbia education market, Tinkerine is expanding the 1:1:1 Education Initiative that targets learning institutions seeking to expand on their 3D printing education and associated content.

Tinkerine aims to make the opportunity to develop these essential skills more readily available, we envision a learning environment where each student in every STEAM classroom is equipped with a 3D printer. Removing the time constraint of sharing printers enables students to focus on what really matters: engineering real world problems, expanding their creativity and so much more. The 1:1:1 education bundle is a big step towards making this vision a reality.

This initiative is aimed at providing one (1) DittoPro 3D printer for each student in each STEAM classroom in learning facilities. This includes elementary and high schools, post-secondary institutions and other learning facilities that have an active computer lab.

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