Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is an Instructor and Researcher at Selkirk College and has specialized in digital fabrication, rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing with extensive research and application in additive and subtractive manufacturing and motion control systems. Jason has over 20 years of teaching, managing and program development at Selkirk.
Previous to his career at Selkirk College, Jason worked as a computer modeler and animator in TV, architectural rendering and commercial advertising.

Jason currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST). Through his involvement with KAST, Jason was invited to support the development and implementation of the MIDAS facility in Trail, BC where he is currently working in applied research, program development and supporting community and industry members.

When not playing Selkirk College or the MIDAS lab, Jason can be found on the golf course, ski hill or in his own workshop making something cool.

Shawn Curran

Shawn grew up in Nelson and happily moved back to raise his family, as he loves the Kootenays. He specializes in organization and documentation and has been part of growth in all previous companies that he worked for. With a passion for learning and excelling he is a recent grad from Selkirk College Plant Operator Program as well as is moving onto PLC and Robotics Courses and is excited to grow with MIDAS and KAST.

He has solid production and manufacturing background, technical sales, management as well as equipment and machinery repair. Always liking to share the good word and what he has learned he is teaching and writing courses at MIDAS and School Districts as well as involved with the Nelson and Lower Columbia Tech Clubs.  Also often making and enjoying good food and coffee as well as volunteering at his meditation centre and children’s school (or just in the community).

Ben Marken

Ben is a new addition to the Midas team. With a strong background in 3D CAD modeling, rendering, and prototyping, Ben is eager to take on any kind of task. His most recent projects include work for FortisBC, Teck, Austin Engineering, and Columbia Basin Trust. The Corra Linn Dam Model was one of Ben’s most successful projects, winning the Clean Energy BC award for Operational Excellence.

Born and raised in Nelson, Ben has always had a love for the outdoors. Kayaking, sailing, skiing, biking, hiking, and paintball are some of his favorite activities. Ben also spends a large portion of his spare time on his own projects, designing upgrades and gadgets for many of his hobbies.

Laura Vaché

Laura is originally from Brittany, France, where she spent her youth. She studied communications at the University of Grenoble and has completed a masters degree in Scientific and Technical Communications where she was introduced to digital innovations. She worked for two and a half years at Cap Digital, a French hub in Paris for digital and ecological transformation. She was in charge of communications and event planning for a centre that was newly opened by Cap Digital dedicated to the innovation in the field of education, training and life-long learning.

Laura arrived in Nelson in January 2018 after travelling for a few months in BC. Enjoying the mountains and surroundings, she is always motivated to discover new places during her free time or volunteer for the AFKO (Francophone Association of the West Kootenays).