RoboGames will take place Saturday, April 28th at the Castlegar Campus Gymnasium.

Fun Friday! Selkirk College GLOWS RoboGames 2019

RoboGames GLOWS Selkirk College 2018

It is NEVER too early to start planning your project and strategy for RoboGames!

This is a robot competition like no other. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for learning and exploring technology – electronics and robotics.

Through experimentation and mentoring, West Kootenay/Boundary youth will learn how to design, build and program robots that they will enter into RoboGames, a fun and free-spirited event full of prizes.

Everyone is welcome to attend! RoboGames will take place Saturday, April 27th at the Tenth Street Campus in the Mary Hall Building.

Imagination meets Technology

Open to all West Kootenay/Boundary youth ages 6 to 18, RoboGames requires only imagination, creativity, and a sense of exploration and fun – no experience necessary!

Youth in teams of one to two people will be supported with six to eight weeks of robotics programming and circuit training culminating with a competition.

For more information head over to Selkirk College GLOWS!

For a little inspiration, here’s what went down at last year’s competition: