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    The Ultimaker 2+ is one of the most advanced, accurate and reliable desktop 3D printers around.

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The Ultimaker is an incremental upgrade to the venerable workhorse of the 3D printing world, the Ultimaker 2. That means it has the exact same user base as its predecessor: home-users, schools, and libraries, as well as small businesses, academic institutions, and industrial designers who need a 3D printer for rapid prototyping and production.

It’s made by Ultimaker, a company based in Geldermalsen in the Netherlands, which has steadily built up a complete range of 3D printers and supporting ecosystem. This includes the Ultimaker Original+ in kit form, the Ultimaker 2+ Extended (replacing the Ultimaker 2 Extended), and the Ultimaker 2 Go. The company is committed to the open source movement, so the hardware and software it creates is fully documented and free to be copied, modified, and converted by all users.

Ultimaker describes the Ultimaker 2+ as one of “the most advanced, accurate and reliable desktop 3D printers around”, and we broadly agree with that statement. For one thing, none of our test objects have failed during printing (yet), so the machine scores highly in terms of reliability. And the quality of the individual print objects is pretty astonishing (even at medium settings), so it wins again on the accuracy front.

Three different quality settings of fast (0.25mm layer height), medium (0.15mm layer height) and high (0.1mm layer height).

The difference between objects printed at Normal and at High print-quality settings is hard to distinguish without closer scrutiny with a magnifying glass. On that basis, you might be dissuaded from ever using the higher quality setting, because it takes more time to print than normal quality without a noticeable gain.



Over the past 5 years Ultimaker has been building machines that push the envelope of print quality for desktop 3D printers. The + in the Ultimaker 2+ at MIDAS Lab is all about one thing: a brand new extrusion system, and it makes all the difference! Most printers have that default layer height at about .2mm, but Ultimaker printers halve that at .1mm, which gives each print fine details. Come see our sample prints for yourself.

We have two of these amazing 3d printers at MIDAS Lab.

  • MIDAS Lab Ultimaker 2 Specs
  • Build Volume: 223mm×223mm×205mm
  • Bed Style: Heated glass
  • Filament Size: 3mm
  • Temperature Control?: Yes, tool head (180-260°C), bed (50-100°C)
  • Print Untethered?: Yes, SD card
  • Three different quality settings of fast (0.25mm layer height), medium (0.15mm layer height) and high (0.1mm layer height).
  • Host/Slicer Software: Cura
  • OS: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Firmware: Open Marlin
  • Open Software?:    Yes, both software and firmware