Tracy Connery Photography - #BCTECHSummit - MIDAS - SMRT1

#madeatMIDAS: MIDAS Lab Director Brad Pommen & SMRT1 Technologies Featured

SMRT 1 Brain STEM toolbox

The MIDAS and KAST teams are so proud of the tremendous effort and innovation of our intrepid leader, MIDAS Fab Lab Director and founder of the Nelson Tech Club, Brad Pommen and SMRT1 Technologies.

He and his new company have definitely been making news, and this month, Brad, SMRT1 and their smart vending innovation are featured in Kootenay Business.

#madeatMIDAS, the Brain STEM Toolbox, evolved from Brad’s love of technology and innovation as well as the drive to bring technology education and resources more readily to the public that has inspired much of his professional and personal life.

The various iterations took place right here at MIDAS, beginning with the prototype based on the basic vending model we’re all so familiar with.

SMRT1 Technologies smart vending Brain STEM Toolbox

The plan was always to incorporate smart technology, and the iterations to follow operate with innovative touch-screen hardware and dynamic software.  What sets this vending application apart is that SMRT1 Technologies are able to retrofit the touch-screen hardware and software onto old vending machines enabling a truly 21st century experience and functionality.

Tracy Connery Photography - #BCTECHSummit - MIDAS - SMRT1

With approximately seven million aging vending machines in North America, not only are the opportunities for SMRT1 to transform the vending landscape endless, but Brad and SMRT1 can also address sustainability as well, aiming to keep these aging machines from cluttering landfills.

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