Manufacturing a Competitive Business Environment in Canada

Canadian Manufactures & Exporters (CME) along with its strategic partners, releases Manufacturing a Competitive Business Environment in Canada, the first of five reports that provide detailed analysis and recommendations stemming from CME’s Industrie 2030 initiative aimed at doubling manufacturing output by 2030.

Based on research and consultation through the CME led Industrie 2030 initiative, the business environment in Canada is getting worse. Increases in business taxes, regulatory demands, and energy costs along with reductions in government support programs were among the most cited challenges that are making it more difficult and costly to do business in Canada. Nearly half of all respondents to CME’s survey stated the federal government does not support the growth of the company. That share rises to 60 per cent for provincial governments. And this is reflected directly in the statistics – for every $1 invested by a manufacturer in Canada, $8.65 is invested by an equivalent manufacturer in the United States.

See the detailed report HERE.