Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS public membership

#madeatMIDAS: Public Annual Member, Marc Desrosiers

Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS public membership

A Public Annual Membership offers you all the benefits that MIDAS has to offer – access to the MIT-certified Fab Lab, over $430,000 of the best fabrication equipment and industry-leading expertise that opens emerging technology training to anyone.

It’s important, when you think of the MIDAS Fabrication Lab, that you remember that it’s not just all about engineers, advanced fabrication, and tech startups. While all are more than welcome, of course, MIDAS is also about our valued public members, like Marc Desrosiers, above.

Marc became aware of the MIDAS Fab Lab through a local advertisement. As he was in the middle of problem-solving how he might fix a significantly cracked live edge slab table, his curiosity was piqued that MIDAS might hold the answer.

Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS

His first course, the Speedy 400-120 Watt Laser Cutter opened the doors to an abundance of learning and project opportunities, Marc didn’t have easily available before. Knowledge and experience on the laser cutter allowed the aspiring carpenter to cut a variety of joints and inlays, such as bow ties, dog bones, half-moons, and donuts.

The laser cutter simplified Marc’s finishing work significantly. He was able to experiment with different shapes and avoid the onerous task of chiseling as well as making a multitude of mistakes regarding the proper shape and fit.

Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS Public Memberships

The process was, not surprisingly, remarkably efficient. It was faster, exact, cost-effective and zero-waste as Marc was able to cut multiple shapes from one piece of material.


MadeatMIDAS Public Annual MembershipExcited about his progress and ready to learn more, he signed up for the Shopbot CNC course. In his words, his experience in the training was, “Fantastic! Stellar!”

Marc was impressed with the support, knowledge, and expertise of the MIDAS team. In fact, as he says, with the help of the talented staff, he “hasn’t come across a problem that couldn’t be solved”.

Marc recommends MIDAS for anyone with an idea or project. “For anyone who doesn’t have the tools or space, come in and make use of all the great equipment, tools, space, and support.”

Just a few of the projects Marc has on the go with the help of the MIDAS Fab Lab are: a guitar-shaped table, a variety of cutting boards, a resin-filled end table, and an ambitious farmhouse dining table.

If you’re interested in learning more about the MIDAS Public Annual Membership, you can take advantage of our weekly tours every Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Or feel free to Contact Us to find out more information about how MIDAS can help you realize your great idea or innovation.

Read more about the MIDAS Public Annual Membership.

Public Annual Membership Includes:

  • Fab Lab Access – We offer 18 hours per week for public members to utilize the space. Need more hours? MIDAS Commercial Membership might be right for you.
  • Space to Prototype – our facility is flexible to accommodate small and growing ideas. Access tools and space in our 6500 sqft facility.
  • Learning Centre – Learn 2d and 3d design software on our Windows 10 workstations. Our computers are fully loaded with modern design, engineering and CNC software packages.
  • High speed “Fibre Broadband” – wireless internet access throughout our facility ensures you are connected globally to your clients and audience.
  • Advice to grow – have a business idea? Tap into the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology’s business services and find complementing programs for your business. Get business guidance from professionals, including: business coaching/consulting, and assistance in obtaining funding to take your product to market.
  • Prototype Materials – get your project started and keep material costs under control. Buy what you need, when you need it, in the quantity that fits your budget with basic materials on site.
  • Cutting Edge Equipment – MIDAS has invested over $400,000 into the most critical rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing equipment.