#madeatMIDAS Let Grow Urns

#madeatMIDAS: Let Grow Urns

#madeatMIDAS Let Grow Urns
MIDAS makes recent advances in manufacturing technology, which includes 3D Printing, accessible to West Kootenay companies, entrepreneurs and students.

This is #madeatMIDAS where we showcase the variety of incredible applications possible with products created here at the MIDAS fabrication lab.

MIDAS supports the expansion and development of local small and medium-sized companies’ strengths in collaborating, adopting technology, and creating new and marketable products while promoting skills training opportunities in digital fabrication and metallurgical technology for entrepreneurs, company personnel and students.

Let Grow Urns materialized in November 2016 out of a hardship that all pet owners eventually encounter. After many years of companionship, the Cleland’s were burdened with the loss of their beloved family pet Ginger. Already faced with the vet bills, they now had to deal with the task of finding a suitable urn and awaiting its arrival.

Inspired with a great idea and through valuable assistance at the MIDAS lab, Gordon could create something as unique and special as Ginger was, in honor of her. He quickly got to work designing a custom made urn, and during this process he had a eureka moment. Printing with biodegradable PLA plastic, Gordon was able to include something very special. He added wildflower seeds to the urn, so that when the time came, Ginger’s urn could be buried, returning her to the earth where something as beautiful could then grow.  And thus, Let Grow Urns was born.

“Being a member of MIDAS has allows me to bring my many ideas to life, truly amazing leadership and staff. If you’re a hacker/inventor this is the place to be a part of.  My experience with MIDAS has been life changing, it’s given me the education and guidance to bring my many ideas to life.
Thank you MIDAS!”
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