Wobbler Conveyor Prototype

#madeatMIDAS: I/O Designs Wobbler Conveyor Prototype

#MadeAtMIDAS-IO Designs Wobbler Conveyor Prototype
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I/O Design was presented with a challenging materials handling problem by one of our industrial clients. A flow of process material required lumps to be separated from the dust that forms the majority of the process stream. The existing equipment used was not capable of consistently removing the lumps which would become caught in the screening equipment causing it to block, leading to both process problems and fugitive dust emissions. Any replacement equipment needs to be located in a restricted design envelope between existing equipment and connect to existing screw conveyors and chutework.

After a brainstorming session to identify alternative methods to separate the process stream, I/O Design settled on a wobbler conveyor as a likely candidate for reliable separating the lumps from the dust. To prove the feasibility to our client we utilized the Midas facility to build a full size model from wood. The critical equipment provided by Midas was the Shopbot CNC Router which allowed us to utilize DXF files created during our 3D design process to cut irregular shapes from 4’x8’ sheets of MDF. This allowed a prototype to be built, tested and refined for approximately 10% of the cost of building the actual equipment from steel.

I/O Design was able to build, test and refine the design prior to conducting a live demonstration of the wobbler conveyor to our client. The demonstration and explanation of how the actual equipment will operate provided the client the reassurance required to proceed with the building of the actual equipment.

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