#madeatMIDAS: Austin Engineering

MIDAS makes recent advances in manufacturing technology, which includes 3D Printing, accessible to West Kootenay companies, entrepreneurs and students.

This is #madeatMIDAS where we showcase the variety of incredible applications possible with products created here at the MIDAS fabrication lab.

MIDAS supports the expansion and development of local small and medium-sized companies’ strengths in collaborating, adopting technology, and creating new and marketable products while promoting skills training opportunities in digital fabrication and metallurgical technology for entrepreneurs, company personnel and students.

Austin Engineering provides clients with cutting-edge solutions and innovative designs developed in part at their research & development space in the MIDAS facility.  At their R & D facility at MIDAS they utilize 3D printed modelling of spillways, dams and flow pathways; spillway and hydraulic structure modelling; and cutting-edge fluid mechanics.

Additional areas of research and development include robotics and aerial inspection tools. Austin Engineering Ltd., is committed to providing innovative designs that allow clients to optimize their projects and meet budgets.

Austin Engineering has deeply valued the opportunity to be a part of the MIDAS facility since its opening. Brad, the space, and meeting other like minded businesses and tech enthusiasts expanded our vision on what was possible for our business. We have been able to demonstrate our innovative offerings to many of the stakeholders and had our staff able to access and train on equipment that would have been beyond our reach otherwise. We look forward to seeing all the positive developments and startups that come from the facility.