Not only is Eric from Inthecircle Designs really skilled at hula hooping….he’s also a laser-cutting, jewelry-making creative innovator extraordinaire. 🕺

For the past year, he has been creating laser-etched and cut jewelry. He started with earrings and has since expanded to brooches and pendants. 🐝

It’s only a matter of time before they become MIDAS Lab standard uniform around the office.

🌿 “MIDAS Lab is giving me the opportunity to use machines to create a product that I wouldn’t be able to make without renting or building a space to house expensive equipment that I wouldn’t be able to afford. What I love most about MIDAS Lab is the access to really amazing tools and amazing staff who have a wealth of knowledge.” 🌿

We’re proud to have Eric as a member and chose MIDAS Lab to help him make the magic happen.

Check out our affordable membership options today and make your own magic! 😃