Arduino Lego Spider project

Fun Friday! Spider Lovers: Arduino Lego Arachnid

Arduino Lego Spider project

Have fun with this Lego arachnid controlled with your smartphone!

Whether you like spiders or not, this easy project is a ton of fun, bringing your Lego spider project – or any Lego project, really – to life.

This project is also rather timely as, now with the school year back in full swing and thoughts of RoboGames and Science Fair start to percolate, it provides a little maker inspiration in plenty of time.

Just beware, with this project you will have to glue your Lego bricks together as the spider, or probably anything you decide to make, will NOT move gently, and without glue will fall apart within only a few feet of walking!

Technical components you’ll need:

Arduino Nano R3

Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L298

2 x DC motor (generic)

4 x C.H.I.P Approved 3.7 V LiPo Battery (a 4S LiPo battery)

If you’d like the full design and operational schematics to this cool Arduino creature head on over HERE for complete details.

If you decide to take on this project, or any of our other Fun Friday! inspiration, please let us know and we’ll feature your creation!