Selkirk College GLOWS Kootenay Contraption Contest

Fun Friday! Kootenay Contraption Contest | Deadline December 19, 2018!

Selkirk College GLOWS Kootenay Contraption Contest

The Kootenay Contraption Contest invites students in Grades K-8 to imagine, design and illustrate a “contraption” that solves a problem.

Calling all young innovators and problem solvers! This year’s GLOWS 2018 Contraption Contest is challenging individuals and entire classes to come up with the most creative, most imaginative “contraption” they can dream up to solve this problem:

Turn something of waste from your home into a new contraption that can be useful in our lives.

The grand prize winner receives an iPad! And winners from each entering grade will win a pizza party for their entire class!

To enter, illustrate your idea in the entry form. This is all about having fun and being creative using all manner of media: art supplies, blocks and legos, Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you name it!

Deadline: December 19, 2018

Find out more information HERE!

Check out last year’s winning entry from Hayden Persad:

Past themes:
2010:  What new technology or advancements in existing technology will we need to keep us healthy and safe by the mid-point of the century?
2011:  Imagine the year is 2050. Thinking about energy, how will we cook, heat and cool our homes?
2012:  How will we use less energy?
2013:  Imagine the year is 2050. Wind and solar energy are plentiful, but how will we store that energy to make it more useful?
2014:  In 50 years, how will we increase our food supply?
2015:  What contraption will change the way students learn or are taught in school?
2016: What do you predict will be the next big automated thing that everyone will rely on?
2017: We use energy in our daily lives from turning on the lights to playing on our tablets. What are some ideas to make or save energy so there is more for everyone?