DIY welded jewelry tree

Fun Friday! 6 Cool & Pretty Easy Welding Maker Projects!

Welding is one of those maker activities that most might consider requires skills well beyond their capacity and might stick to arduino, 3D printing and basic carpentry projects seemingly more accessible.

But, welding doesn’t have to be hard and can actually be a lot of fun. With these few projects you can increase your confidence and skills whereby you may even feel up to taking on those home repairs you’ve been putting off or perhaps even getting creative with metalwork art.

Here are some great project ideas to introduce you to the range of skills and equipment required, while making some pretty cool stuff!

DIY welded jewelry treeJewelry Holder. This is a wonderfully simple project that requires you to weld small, straight steel pieces together into the shape of a tree.

You then weld the tree to a square piece of steel so that it can be set on a table or dresser.

You can choose to decorate the project to make it look realistic or allow the rustic steel look to stand.

Learn how HERE.



metal table welding projectsDIY Metal Table. This simple table uses a handful of straight metal pieces that are welded together into a frame.

Metal slats on top provide spaces for clamping, providing a sturdy space for heavy projects that is still light enough to move.

Click HERE for instructions.



welded stackable side tableTV Tray Tables. This is a beautiful addition to any home or office.

Also great as a side table, a laptop stand, and much more. The C-table design requires minimal welding and is very forgiving to beginners.

Dozens of ideas that follow this frame give you the options you need.



DIY welded doorbellDIY Doorbell. A unique and beautiful addition to your exterior decor.

All it took to complete this project was a small argon cylinder and some scrap steel.

You can mount it directly onto your home exterior or attach it to your preferred material to add a unique look to your property.

A total conversation piece for you and your visitors!

Learn how HERE.



DIY welded fire pitDIY Firepit. This unique fire pit was made simply with a half-sheet of steel.

A textured steel was used for this project, but any steel plate of 2.1 mm thickness will get the job done. You can also adjust the size of the design to meet your specific needs.

Make it “fire ban” friendly by adding propane fittings.

Instructions are HERE.



DIY welded benchGarden or Mudroom Bench. This project requires 1-inch square tubing.

Other than that, you can build it to your own preferred dimensions. It does require some metal cutting as a skill, but otherwise, this little bench will add a nice touch to any home.

Learn more HERE.