No time to wait for training or assistance to develop your prototype? MIDAS offers prototyping and fabrication services to help you started – fast!

We support you to invent, create and launch a new product to market. Hire one of our highly skilled consultants to prepare your prototype. Your prototyping needs will be met at MIDAS by highly skilled fabrication experts to make your idea a reality, and quickly.

Your business is unique – so are the solutions at MIDAS to help you prototype and commercialize your ideas.

Our Fabrication Consultants can provide:

    • Side-by-side fabrication – training and prototyping can happen simultaneously to learn on the job. Don’t let steep learning curves derail your new endeavour: MIDAS can help your idea transition into reality while receiving on-the-job training.
    • MIDAS professional fabrication services  – your prototype transformed with ease from concept to reality. MIDAS can assist with the 2D/3D design, prototype creation on any of our pieces of advanced fabrication equipment. You are in full control to set expectations, timelines and budgets suited to your business needs.
      • Research, development and prototyping – support starting at $150 / hour
      • Software 2D & 3D design – using Engineering, CNC software applications including AutoCAD, Solidworks and Adobe Creative Suite
      • Fabrication equipment operation – including 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC milling equipment, wood and metal working and electronics