#madeatMIDAS commercial memberships

Commercial Memberships at MIDAS

Leverage new technologies – get ahead of your competition! Commercial memberships at MIDAS are designed to support prototype and product commercialization for your business. 

MIDAS offers state-of-the-art technology tools and equipment you cannot access anywhere else in the region – we’re here to help your business grow and innovate!

With over $430,000 of the best digital fabrication equipment and access to industry-leading expertise developing new ideas and products has never been easier… or more cost-effective.

Our membership services are open to regional companies, including start-ups, with a focus on supporting prototype and product commercialization. A variety of businesses in the Kootenays have taken advantage of MIDAS commercial memberships to explore new innovations, conduct vital research and development to advance their own technologies, and to launch new ideas and products through our rapid prototyping and fast-iteration capabilities.

Innovative regional upstarts Austin Engineering, Environmental Engineers specializing in Hydro Electricity look to digital fabrication and CNC milling to provide for their in-house testing and research and development.

Advanced Biocarbon – ABC3D leveraged their membership at MIDAS to marry environmental sustainability and innovation with their carbon negative bioplastics. They’re creating 100% biodegradable, engineering grade plastics and carbon fibre – 3D printing filament derived from lignin, the natural glue-like fibres found inside of wood. 

#madeatMIDAS and I/O Design

I/O Design & Engineering look to cutting edge technology – Virtual and Augmented Reality – to provide their clients with reliable, accurate, and realistic modeling for a variety of applications. With the help of their MIDAS commercial membership and the expertise of MIDAS instructor, Jason Taylor, who spent almost 20 hours converting 3D designs to VR/AR to see if what the company had in mind was even possible, drew on various resources and did all the vital legwork to hand the team at I/O the ball so they could run with it!

Significant benefits to Commercial membership at MIDAS

MIDAS makes a commercial membership a win-win for everyone! Members explore and learn new technologies in order to help them get ahead of their competition; they enjoy customized and specific training alongside our expert staff based on their needs and desired outcomes; prototype development at any stage; bring product(s) to market faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

  • Time to Prototype – coordinate your schedule with MIDAS and utilize the space on the days and times suited to your needs – at every stage of your business growth.
  • Prototype consulting – from customized training to side-by-side prototype development to contracted fabrication services.
  • Space to Expand – starting or expanding your business is expensive. Scale without scaling by using our 6500 sqft facility to expand without increasing your footprint.
  • Learning Centre – Need a space for design work, team meetings or events? Utilize our 1000 sqft Learning Centre setup with fibre broadband internet and Windows 10 workstations. Our computers are fully loaded with modern 2d and 3d design, engineering and CNC software packages for use by your company.
  • High speed “Fibre Broadband” – wireless internet access throughout our facility ensures you are connected globally to your clients and audience.

Interested in learning what a MIDAS Commercial Membership can do for your business? Contact us and set up a consultaiton.