Fun Friday: West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair 2018 This Weekend!

Selkirk College Regional Science Fair

This is the weekend!  If you want to see some incredible local youth innovation make sure you add the West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair to your weekend’s activities.  Hosted by GLOWS and Selkirk College, the event takes place tomorrow, April 14th 11:00AM to 4:00PM at the Selkirk College Castlegar Campus Gymnasium.

This ever-growing event offers students from around the region a fun opportunity to showcase their science experiments, studies, research or innovation projects; judged by our committed volunteers from a variety of science professions.

More than 100 youth are selected at the school level to enter in the annual West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair.

Admittance is free and everyone is welcome!  We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Meantime, here’s a little fun inspiration – 10 unique 1st place ideas just for kicks or to help offer ideas as you make plans for next year!

Schedule of Events

9 – 11 am  ––  Science Fair Projects – Judging (student projects are closed to the public/parents at this time)

9:30 – 4 pm ––   Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Contest – Testing will be ongoing throughout the day

11 – 4 pm ––  Community Science Celebration – Science World, Selkirk College and other community organizations will have exciting science-based activities, demo’s and displays set up around the gym.

11 am  ––  Science World Main Stage Show

11:30 am – 1 pm –– Science Fair Projects: Open To The Public

12:00 pm –– Science World Main Stage Show

1 pm –– Science Fair Awards Ceremony – Main Stage

2pm  –– Science World Main Stage Show

3 pm –– Science World Main Stage Show

Learn more about GLOWS at Selkirk College and follow GLOWS on Facebook.

This year, the West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair is excited to welcome Science World’s Community Science Celebration.

Science World is a charitable organization that engages British Columbians in science and inspires future science and technology leadership throughout our province. Attend the Regional Science Fair and discover the science all around you with Science World’s Community Science Celebration! Fun and entertaining science experiments, displays and demos and science experts on scene will make this a fun event for the entire family.







The Maker Movement: DIY, Hands-on, Innovation In Action!

maker movement fostered at MIDAS

There is a movement afoot and, with the help of education, tools and equipment (such as welcomes you at MIDAS!) to more easily and cost-efficiently bring ideas to life, it’s gaining tremendous steam!

The Maker Movement – or in more familiar terms, Do-It-Yourself – is growing in participation in schools, communities and industry throughout the province, and, of course, beyond.  What makes this a movement, rather than simply the act of puttering in one’s garage, is the resources, equipment and materials available to support it in ways we’ve never seen before.

This movement is grassroots innovation and it’s being enthusiastically embraced and fostered in more and more communities, nurturing an ever growing number of people, creative and curious.

The digital age has really blown the lid off what was formerly tinkering, or on a larger scale, inventing and innovating with significant effort and resources to bring an idea to prototype, using specific manufacturers located by and large overseas.  Inventing and innovating, as it has previously been known, has required very specialized software and fabrication equipment, not easily accessible either in terms of cost or location and has made it prohibitive for potential innovators to see a project through to completion let alone market.

With technology expanding as it is, so fast and with such scope, the creative process of invention and innovation is being transformed.  The access we have to imaging, scanning, drafting and other specialized software as well as the fabrication equipment to translate plans into tangible, surprisingly high quality, prototypes allows and encourages Maker creativity and invention unlike any time before.

MIDAS, and our MIT certified facilities, is a great example.  As part of this movement gathering momentum, every day we see makers contributing to what is becoming their own market ecosystem, developing incredible new products and services. The combination of ingenious makers and innovative technologies such as the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and Arduino micro-controller along with 3D printing are driving innovation in manufacturing, engineering, industrial design, hardware technology and education.

Makerspaces are cropping up in communities big and small. Offering everything from Repair Cafes – where makers offer up their talents to fix and repurpose everything from computers to mobile phones to toaster ovens – to workshops on soldering and Arduino to imaging software education to actual fabrication and prototyping equipment, as we do here.

Inquiry-based and more hands-on education trends are beginning to trend as well.  Schools, for pre-schoolers through secondary students, are offering more and more resources and opportunities to explore and nurture their curiosity.  Through electronics and technology, young people are challenging their own creativity, innovating unlike ever before through coding, robotics and other fun and hands-on ways of expanding their knowledge and experience in the various facets of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Design), Mathematics, or STEAM.

While many makers consider themselves simply hobbyists or enthusiasts they are a vibrant and fundamental source of innovation, embracing creativity, developing new products and generating value in the Maker community.  In fact, it’s not unusual for some of these Makers to take the leap as entrepreneurs and start companies.  We see it all the time!

While there are several industry professionals who take advantage of the incredible Maker opportunities at MIDAS, it’s not necessary to be an engineer or techie to enjoy all a space like MIDAS offers.  Check out our #madeatMIDAS features to see the examples of ordinary people making extraordinary things.

That’s what’s so great about the Maker Movement: accessibility!  You don’t even need to bring an idea… just your imagination and curiosity.  The ideas will flow soon enough!

What can MIDAS can help you make!  Check out our calendar of courses HERE!

#madeatMIDAS #makersgonnamake

Introduction to MIDAS from MIDAS Fab Lab on Vimeo.

Fun Friday! Raspberry Pi DIY Laptop With A Little Trotec Laser Cutter!


Raspberry Pi Trotec Laser Cutter DIY laptopWhat do you get when you combine the magic of a little Raspberry Pi with a wood casing courtesy a Trotec 120Watt Laser Cutter?  One heckuva DIY laptop!

Between the Raspberry Pi, loaded with powerful capabilities in such a tiny little package and the Trotec (upcoming Trotec 120Watt Laser Cutter course April 20th!) making short work of model making, industrial design, prototyping and just about any kind of DIY application, this creative idea is a great example of an integration of both.

Trotec Laser Cutter and Raspberry Pi DIY laptopThis project also relies upon a 3D printed component (Ultimaker 3D Printer course, April 13th!in the design for the screen hinge, but the rest of the PlyTop is cut out of a three 2′ x 4′ sheets of 1/8″ Baltic birch plywood.

The Plytop base and top are held together with a fair amounts of translucent wood glue.

This design uses a Peripad II B Touchpad, apparently the only self contained touch pad close to the size of a normal laptop trackpad at a decent price. It sits neatly in the Plytop shell and works just fine out of the box with the Raspberry Pi 3. Plug ’em in and they behave like your typical trackpad.

The Waveshare 10.1 is the best LCD screen on the market that includes a form fitting HDMI interface driver, powered through USB. These screens come attached to a laser cut acrylic base and some cheap HDMI and USB cables.

The monitor is affixed with some very brittle plastic screws and nuts and will require an HDMI cable with a very low connector profile (Monoprice cable) to best fit into the Waveshare’s port once it’s installed in the top shell.

If you’d like to see this project coming together click HERE.

If you’d like to see all the plans and ingredients to make this neat little device click HERE!



Plytop DIY laptop - Raspberry Pi Trotec laser cutter









Selkirk GLOWS West Kootenay & Boundary Science Fair

Selkirk College Regional Science Fair

Hosted by GLOWS and Selkirk College, the Regional Science Fair taking place Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Selkirk College’s Castlegar Campus Gymnasium is an opportunity for selected students to showcase their exemplary work.

The West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair gives top students from around the region an opportunity to showcase their select science experiments, studies, research or innovation projects to be judged by volunteers from various science professions.

Explore the world around you through inquiry-based learning! All Grade K to 12 students in School Districts 8, 10, 20, and 51 qualify. More than 100 youth are selected at the school level to enter in the annual West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair.

Why Participate in the West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair?

Science fair participation increases youth understanding and use of scientific inquiry and offers direct feedback on student projects, including research, experimentation and innovation. It also showcases local science education and career opportunities and allows youth to connect with science professionals working in a variety of fields.

Take an in-depth look at topics that are of interest by developing a science project in one of the following categories:

  • Innovation – Design and test new devices, models, theories, or method in any science discipline.
  • Research – Written study of a question of scientific interest.
  • Study – Analyze collections of data using accepted scientific methods.
  • Experiment – Actively test a hypothesis by experimental methods.

Find out all of the information HERE!

GLOWS-Regional Science Fair-2