#madeatMIDAS: Austin Engineering

MIDAS makes recent advances in manufacturing technology, which includes 3D Printing, accessible to West Kootenay companies, entrepreneurs and students.

This is #madeatMIDAS where we showcase the variety of incredible applications possible with products created here at the MIDAS fabrication lab.

MIDAS supports the expansion and development of local small and medium-sized companies’ strengths in collaborating, adopting technology, and creating new and marketable products while promoting skills training opportunities in digital fabrication and metallurgical technology for entrepreneurs, company personnel and students.

Austin Engineering provides clients with cutting-edge solutions and innovative designs developed in part at their research & development space in the MIDAS facility.  At their R & D facility at MIDAS they utilize 3D printed modelling of spillways, dams and flow pathways; spillway and hydraulic structure modelling; and cutting-edge fluid mechanics.

Additional areas of research and development include robotics and aerial inspection tools. Austin Engineering Ltd., is committed to providing innovative designs that allow clients to optimize their projects and meet budgets.

Austin Engineering has deeply valued the opportunity to be a part of the MIDAS facility since its opening. Brad, the space, and meeting other like minded businesses and tech enthusiasts expanded our vision on what was possible for our business. We have been able to demonstrate our innovative offerings to many of the stakeholders and had our staff able to access and train on equipment that would have been beyond our reach otherwise. We look forward to seeing all the positive developments and startups that come from the facility.


MIDAS Regional Impact Results: Year 2 Quarter 4

So proud of the range of fantastic work being done here at MIDAS!  Take a look at the impressive results right out of the gate:

MIDAS Regional Impact Results: Year 2 Quarter 3

So proud of the range of fantastic work being done here at MIDAS!  Take a look at the impressive results right out of the gate:

Metal Additive Design Guide

A new introductory design guide for metal 3D printing is now available.

Canada Makes is proud to announce the launch of the Metal Additive Design Guide and invites you to explore this great new tool. The Guide was developed to assist companies interested in trying metal additive manufacturing (AM). Following the same format as the Metal Additive Process Guide, the Metal Additive Design Guide is once again a free service that introduces certain concepts needed when designing for additive manufacturing (DfAD).

Metal-additive-design-guide-2-300x182“The Metal Additive Design Guide is easy to use, interactive, offering useful information for newcomers to this technology,” said Frank Defalco, Manager Canada Makes. “Its primary function is to help guide Canadian SMEs looking at metal AM and how it might be added to their process. It’s a great educational resource bringing great value to users and it’s just plain cool.”

Simple, yet crucial questions like, “how big can my parts be” or, “what materials can I use” are answered in this interactive app. The Guide is not designed for the experienced metal AM user but rather someone looking for quick and straightforward answers regarding DfAM.

“Canada Makes’ goal is to assist Canadian industry in adopting additive manufacturing and the Metal Additive Design Guide continues in that vain where the Metal Additive Process Guide left off,” added Defalco.

Time saving is one of the major advantage in adopting AM processes versus traditional manufacturing. Through this free resource SMEs can receive quick answers to certain concepts about metal additive. The Guide will help speed up Canada’s manufacturing sector in understanding the capabilities of metal AM. This knowledge should expand AM adoption and invigorate Canada’s burgeoning AM supply chain, growing Canada’s competitiveness.

Check it out HERE!


Tinkerine Expands Education Initiative after Successful Pilot


Tinkerine is pleased to announce that as the result of a successful pilot in the British Columbia education market, Tinkerine is expanding the 1:1:1 Education Initiative that targets learning institutions seeking to expand on their 3D printing education and associated content.

Tinkerine aims to make the opportunity to develop these essential skills more readily available, we envision a learning environment where each student in every STEAM classroom is equipped with a 3D printer. Removing the time constraint of sharing printers enables students to focus on what really matters: engineering real world problems, expanding their creativity and so much more. The 1:1:1 education bundle is a big step towards making this vision a reality.

This initiative is aimed at providing one (1) DittoPro 3D printer for each student in each STEAM classroom in learning facilities. This includes elementary and high schools, post-secondary institutions and other learning facilities that have an active computer lab.

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GE Additive and GE Capital Collaborate to Sell Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines

GE Capital will develop a range of customised financial solutions for its customers.

GE Additive is to collaborate with GE Capital to sell and finance metal additive manufacturing machines.
Manufacturing companies will now have more ways to access transformative 3D printing technology, spurring growth in several critical markets including medical, aerospace, automotive and machining.

GE Capital will develop a range of customised financial solutions for its customers. These solutions will allow GE Additive customers the ability to access strategic and flexible financing solutions to acquire this transformative manufacturing technology in countries around the globe.

“Our dual expertise both in manufacturing and in equipment finance, allows us to create competitive financial solutions that support our customers’ strategic business goals,” said Trevor Schauenberg, President and CEO of GE Capital Industrial Finance. “Additive manufacturing is a key contributor to the manufacturing evolution, we’re excited to enable its growth.”

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