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Fun Friday! Selkirk College GLOWS RoboGames 2019

It is NEVER too early to start planning your project and strategy for RoboGames! This is a robot competition like no other. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for learning and exploring technology – electronics and robotics. Through experimentation and mentoring, West Kootenay/Boundary youth will learn how to design, build and program robots that they will enter […]

SMARTS Program: Selkirk SME Applied Research and Technology Solutions

The SMARTS Program: Connecting small- and medium-sized businesses with research expertise in the fields of geospatial technology and digital fabrication.  It’s those companies that invite innovation and embrace technology that are leading today’s competitive economy. Selkirk College, a hidden academic gem here in the West Kootenay steps in to help, offering specific and much-needed applied research […]

#madeatMIDAS: i4C Innovation & Blockchain

Local innovation hub, i4C Innovation, looking to MIDAS for affordable and rapid prototyping to develop ideas and disruptive innovations. Earlier this fall, the team of i4C, specifically Gustavo Nobrega and Alvaro Aragon, initiated a map to present the concept of the distributed network, or blockchain, amongst operations for regional resource industry giant Teck. When considering ways […]

MIDAS – Leading the Regional Maker Community

MIDAS Fab Lab is an integral leader in the Maker culture and community in the region: industry, startups, creatives, students – everyone welcome! If you’re looking for inspiration with regards to your existing business, the innovative idea you’ve been nurturing, or simply about the future of technology and innovation in the region and beyond, spend a […]

Fun Friday! Spider Lovers: Arduino Lego Arachnid

Have fun with this Lego arachnid controlled with your smartphone! Whether you like spiders or not, this easy project is a ton of fun, bringing your Lego spider project – or any Lego project, really – to life. This project is also rather timely as, now with the school year back in full swing and […]

Upcoming MIDAS Courses: October, 2018

Still thinking about how you can get that great idea off the ground? MIDAS is here to help! If you’re in need of prototyping, 3D printing and fabrication, the variety of equipment at MIDAS is geared specifically to offer you state-of-the-art resources to create exactly what you need. Maybe you’ve already got a start using […]

Fun Friday! DIY Own Amazon Echo with Raspberry Pi

The Simplest Way to Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Amazon Echo The Amazon Echo can be a great device to have in your home. Upon voice command, it is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart […]

Fun Friday! Fabtronic Sewing Kits

Enter the world of e-textiles and wearables with Fabtronic Sewing Kits! Custom reusable parts that allow you to make and remake as many times as you want!  Electronic technology and wearables are becoming all the rage! What began as watches and fitness trackers is evolving quickly to include e-fashion and e-textiles as well. Not only […]

Building a Culture of Innovation

Insights from Greg Brouwer, General Manager, Technology and Innovation In January of this year, Greg Brouwer was appointed General Manager, Technology and Innovation, responsible for advancing Teck’s innovation and technology activities and strategy. In addition to managing that pipeline of activities, Greg and his team are also doing an internal and external scan of ways […]