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Canadian Innovation Week

Powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation, this series of events demonstrated that Canada’s culture of innovation is thriving – across sectors, regions, and age groups. Plans already underway. Next year’s Canadian Innovation Week coming May 21-31, 2019. The inaugural Canadian Innovation Week brought together partners and stakeholders from the innovation ecosystem to connect, cultivate, and […]

Fun Friday! DIY Foam Paddle Board

We are near mid-summer and the weather has been nothing short of glorious! And, with all of this sublime weather, no doubt everyone has been enjoying their local waterhole, river, or lake with their favourite watercraft. Looking for a Standup Paddle Board Without the Steep Price Tag? If you’ve been coveting the rash of standup […]

Fun Friday! The Ultimate in Maker Pizza!

So, this project may not necessarily be accessible to most of us, but for those of us who love pizza, or those of us with a penchant for learning new cooking techniques, this project certainly looks like a whole lot of fun! Love Pizza?  Here’s a Pizza Oven Unlike Any Other! There are probably any […]

Maker Movement Inspiring Young Innovators With EdTech Toys

In this era of intense technology consumption, particularly among young people, there’s all manner of conversation going on – at home, in schools, at the workplace – about how to manage it in the name of establishing healthy balance. Forward-thinking companies are seeing ways to address the issues surrounding young people and technology and seeing […]

Fun Friday! Learn Something Cool: 3D Design & Printing with TinkerCad

If you’re looking for a terrific opportunity to learn the basics of 3D Design, this course is for you! Using TinkerCad from Autodesk, a powerful and intuitive design program, this course will give you the tools you need to get you started in 3D Design.  Through the power of TinkerCad you can quickly turn your […]

Metallurgy & Economic Diversification

Metallurgy and innovation changing the economic development landscape in the Koots Trail, BC:  small, sunny and scenically situated along the banks of the mighty Columbia River, has long been known as the quintessential, one industry town.  Anchoring the regional economy, mining giant, Teck, has loomed above the river and this small but quaint city, employing […]

Fun Friday! Happy Canada Day – Let’s Celebrate Making in Canada!

With Canada Day upon us this weekend, we thought it a great time, as we celebrate being Canadian, to also celebrate what is becoming an enthusiastic and burgeoning movement of makers in this wonderful and diverse country of ours. While do-it-yourselfers have been at it for time immemorial, the Maker Movement only took a definitive […]

Upcoming MIDAS Courses: Summer, 2018

Summer may mean break for many, but not the team at MIDAS!  In fact, we see summer as the perfect time to learn something new, develop new skills and start getting some momentum behind the great idea you’ve been nursing through the dreary spring months. It’s inspiration time!  Summer at MIDAS is a lineup of […]