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Fun Friday! Call for Makers: World Maker Faire 2018!

If you have any familiarity with the Maker Culture or the Maker Movement, you are probably familiar with Make: magazine and their incredibly successful and ever-expanding events, the Maker Faire. Maker Faire:  full STEAM ahead! The Maker Faire is the coming together of fascinating, curious, eager do-it-yourselfers who embrace and pursue the creative, the inventive, […]

Membership at MIDAS: What It Can Do For You!

We at MIDAS are so proud of our Corporate Services.  Membership to the MIDAS Fabrication Lab opens up so many opportunities to expand, develop and grow your business and, ultimately, help you fulfill your innovation or entrepreneurial dreams. Membership:  beat the competition through rapid prototyping at MIDAS MIDAS specializes in fast-iteration, short-run and rapid prototyping. […]

Fun Friday: DIY 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

Despite being on trend for the past several years, Fidget Spinners are everywhere!  This little gadget of mindless distraction is likely the single most 3D printed item, and very simple in design, so it’s understandable why makers, young and old, are eager to design their own version. This is a great 3D printing project because […]

Fun Friday! Easy & Fun Beginner Maker Ed Projects

Maker Ed, or Maker Education, is a new school of educational thought that focuses on delivering constructivist, project-based learning curriculum and instruction to students. As the Maker Movement begins to make inroads into conventional education, maker education spaces are geared to facilitating hands-on learning experiences that incorporate both low and high tech, and can be as […]

Fun Friday: Raspberry Pi BeetBox

Looking for a new and unique party activity… using a somewhat unpopular vegetable??  May we introduce the BeetBox! This fun and interesting project combines the magic of the Raspberry Pi and beets to create a rather unique and simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats by touching actual beets. Since its release in […]

3D Printed Tools: Durable, Functional, Economical & Strong!

If you’ve picked up your toolbox recently, chances are it was quite an effort.  Overflowing with conventionally manufactured chromium-vanadium alloy items such as wrench sets, your collection of screwdrivers and a seemingly endless selection of socket components, it’s no surprise it weighs a ton!  With the advent of, and increasing ease of access to, 3D […]

Upcoming MIDAS Courses: June, 2018

The summer weather has finally arrived and there’s nothing like outdoors and sunshine to feed inspiration!  Also feeding inspiration are this month’s lineup of great training opportunities here at the MIDAS Fab Lab.  Don’t let that great idea simmer any longer, it’s time to take action and MIDAS is here to help! If you’re in […]

Fun Friday: 20 Day Giveaway – KAST’s 20th Anniversary Contest!

In honour of 20th Anniversary of the Kootenay Association of Science & Technology (KAST), they, along with the team here at MIDAS thought, what better way to celebrate than to give away some great innovative stuff! To help KAST celebrate and to enter the giveaway, we ask that you simply like the KAST Facebook page and […]

Premier Announces Tech & Innovation Investments

Premier announces tech & innovation investments to spark economic growth &  job creation Great news came out of last week’s #BCTECH Summit in Vancouver with the announcement of significant tech and innovation investment by Premier John Horgan.  Understanding the importance of technology to the economy of British Columbia, and to help spark B.C. innovation, economic […]