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#madeatMIDAS: Public Annual Member, Marc Desrosiers

A Public Annual Membership offers you all the benefits that MIDAS has to offer – access to the MIT-certified Fab Lab, over $430,000 of the best fabrication equipment and industry-leading expertise that opens emerging technology training to anyone. It’s important, when you think of the MIDAS Fabrication Lab, that you remember that it’s not just all […]

MIDAS Fab Lab CLOSED March 11-15: Off to #BCTECH Summit!

The MIDAS team is off to #BCTECH Summit 2019! While we head off to network, share, connect and see what other incredible things are happening in STEM/STEAM throughout the province and beyond, the MIDAS Fab Lab will be closed all next week, Monday, March 11th through Friday, March 15th. Offices will be open again and […]

A MIDAS Commercial Membership: Energize Your Business through Innovation and Rapid Prototyping

If you’re business is looking to innovate and create in order to boost the bottom line, look no further than a Commercial Membership here at MIDAS! MIDAS membership services are open to regional companies, including start-ups, with a focus on supporting prototype and product commercialization. We provide all the modern technology your business needs to […]

6 Ways to Develop the Maker Spirit in Your Child

Sure, the maker spirit is alive and well at a makers space such as MIDAS, but how do you encourage it in your child in this modern, device-driven age? We’ve got a few suggestions. Humans are, by their very nature, makers. Tinkering, building, disassembling, inventing, innovating. These are not only the touchstones of what has […]

MIDAS Courses for February, 2019

Beat the mid-winter blues and get inspired here at the fab lab through hands-on experiential education in one of our MIDAS courses. If you’ve made entrepreneurial or innovative resolutions for 2019, MIDAS is the perfect solution to help you keep not only on track. Check out what we have going on in the MIDAS Fab Lab […]

SMARTS Program – Call for Proposals | Deadline March 2019

Selkirk College’s SMARTS Program invites small and medium-sized businesses to submit proposals for technology-oriented research and development projects. Background The Selkirk-SME Applied Research and Technology Solutions (SMARTS) Program connects businesses with Selkirk College faculty and student expertise in the fields of geospatial technology and digital fabrication. It aims to help small- and medium-sized enterprises use advanced technologies […]

Upcoming MIDAS Courses: January, 2019

Happy New Year! Our winter calendar is coming together with our established roster of incredible learning opportunities but new as well. MIDAS is the perfect solution to help you keep those entrepreneurial or innovative resolutions, so check it out and we’ll look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life. If you’re in need of […]

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Junior Achievement BC & Austin Engineering present… the Young Entrepreneurs Program with Mary Austin in Trail, BC. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit dedicated to educating youth in business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We are excited to launch a series of 6 (free) workshops for local youth age 9-12 that will help inspire and educate Trail’s […]

#madeatMIDAS: I/O Design & Engineering Virtual & Augmented Reality

I/O Design & Engineering look to cutting edge technology – Virtual and Augmented Reality – to provide their clients with reliable, accurate, and realistic modeling for a variety of applications. Far from being a technology of the future, virtual and augmented reality is increasingly being utilized in multiple industries and sectors, ranging from entertainment, communications and […]

Design Thinking: A Creative Strategy for Innovation

Looking for a strategy to maximize problem-solving, creativity, and innovation? Incorporate Design Thinking and see what happens! When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation improves significantly. Design Thinking is a human-centred, possibility driven, approach. It fundamentally draws upon what humans need – what problem needs addressing – before […]