What if I told you the most sustainable plastics in the world are made right here in the Kootenays?! 😮

For real. This is Darrel Fry (and his dog Sophie) and he’s a local legend. 

He is the CEO of Advanced Biocarbon 3D and he pretty much has the best job on the planet…because it’s saving our planet. 🌍

They are creating the world’s most sustainable plastics. Plastic that comes from waste wood. Wood that does not displace farm land or take fertilizers to grow.

Greta would be proud. 💚

MIDAS Lab, in his words, has given them the opportunity to prototype end products with their plastics. It’s all just a vision until they bring it all together in the form of a product. 

Talk about a #gamechanger.

🌿 “What I love most about MIDAS Lab is the endless possibilities to create with our sustainable materials. Not only can we make it but we are creating a future-proof economy, the reality of true local manufacturing capabilities by having the materials and then adding in additive manufacturing. I love it!” 🌿

We love it too. 

Darrel and his company, Advanced Biocarbon 3D, have a MIDAS Lab commercial membership. Your company can have one too. Check out our membership options today. 👇